Chloé Woody Sandals Review

Hello Darlings, today is a fun fashion review. Early Spring of this year, I decided to invest in the super popular Chloé Woody Mules in shade White. I’ve seen these shoes on some of the biggest and most glam fashion influencers IG feeds and to be frank - the FOMO was real. I’ve been looking at these shoes for 2 years but the price tag has ALWAYS scared me. For 2021, I wanted to treat myself and the Chloé Woody Mules (or Sandals, I know some will call these Sandals) just felt right. 

I get asked often by fellow fashion lovers how do the shoes feel/fit, how much were they, and would I explain the break-in process…. So, today I’m giving you my full and honest review of these shoes. 

PLEASE read this review before purchasing since this is a costly pair of sandals. 

Details: The Chloé Woody Mules are $375, in 5 color options, and only come in whole sizes. 

Though, called “The Woody” they’re actually made of canvas, rubber, and calfskin (so yes, there is leather on these shoes). 

The website states if you’re in a half size go up to the next whole size IE: if you wear a 7.5 purchase a size 8.

The Chloé Woody Mules are sold in select retailers (, Netaporter, Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and any other luxury fine retailer that sells Chloé). 

My Review:
My shoes shipped quickly from the Nordstrom website. They arrived in their original box with shoe dust-bags. I can tell these have never been worn - though, the box did have a scuff on it. When I first put the shoes on I said to myself, ‘ehh, these are kinda big - why cant these come in half sizes?!’. But I wore them ONLY on carpet because I was unsure if I wanted to keep them. I typically wore them for 5-15 minutes at a time. The longer I wore them, the more I noticed the lack of comfort. I quickly realized if I plan to keep these shoes there will be a time these shoes will hurt my feet.
I remember watching a JosieLDN video on Youtube and she stated it took a whole year for her to break her Chloé Woody Mules in and for the first summer she regretted the purchase but the second summer they felt more comfortable. I will say, she’s right on that comfort level and the ‘regret’ feeling. After wearing them in public for the first time, I regretted purchasing mine for a few weeks as well (but keep reading... Cause though I state I regretted it the first few weeks my opinion might change...).


But, I decided to keep them after 1.5 weeks of wearing them exclusively on carpet indoors. The shoes are very classy, stylish, and easy to dress. I honestly feel like it’s a style that wont fade away anytime soon (In fact, Chloé just launched a matching Woody tote bags this year to compliment the shoes - therefore, I feel this shoe is here to stay!)

Did these hurt? 100% YES. It truly was a pain to break these in. There’s no support at all. The sole of these shoes is literally a flat rubber board with some calfskin in the center with a stamped logo. I got blisters where the canvas straps rubbed the top of my foot and the bottom of my feet felt like I was walking on concrete all day. These shoes you DO NOT wear all day (let me repeat... DON’T wear these all day, youll regret it!!!). These are the ‘date night shoe’ or the ‘out to brunch’ statement piece. The longest I’ve worn these is 6 hours with a girlfriend shopping in NC. We sat down for 2 hours to eat so I was able to give my feet a break but WOW - these aren’t a ‘wear all day’ mule. 

*** I do want to mention again the lack of support these shoes have because I feel its important for you the possible customer to be aware of this. If you’re someone who needs shoes with a good arch or the ability to add some support DO NOT buy these. 

Are these easy to keep clean? For the most part, yes. I will say, if you plan to fake tan beware - these will stain. Like most white surfaces + fake tan, it’ll rub off onto the canvas. So either no fake baking the tops of your feet or accept your white Mules will be discolored overtime due to tanning.

Styling tips: I will say this shoe IS the statement piece. I typically wear these with simple outfits. Jeans + tee, neutral color dress, bike shorts and a hoodie, etc. I never mix labels (so I don’t wear these with my LV Neo-Noe bag because the labels become too aggressive) I enjoy that ease of being able to wear a super boring outfit but the shoes will trend it up a bit

Final Thoughts:  My final thoughts are the Chloé Woody Mules are a beautiful, classic, and stylish mule that will have a happy spot in my wardrobe for years to come. I love the design and look of the Woody Mules but my personal preference - I only like them in the white color. These mules really take my simple basic outfits to the next level which helps me feel more “put together” on days I choose comfortable clothing over stylish clothing. 

If you’re on the market for a new pair of sandals - I don’t think these are the shoes to get if you want to wear them more than 2x a week  and in longer than 3 hours increments. They’re not practical at all. They’re not comfortable in extended periods of wear time and there’s ZERO support; plus the price tag doesn’t justify the lack of ‘luxury’ textiles. All the Woody mules is is a canvas, rubber, and a small match of calfskin sandal housed in a cardboard box.
If you’re already a Chloé shopper and you want these to elevate your Chloé Collection - I can see getting them as an add on to your Chloé wardrobe. 
I love the brand Chloé. I’ve owned multiple pieces from the brand. 

But if you’re simply wanting these to fit the “Chloé Aesthetic” or you feel the “FOMO” from the influencers - it might be worth waiting till these are marked down or substitute for a similar style. 

(I’ve seen BCBG made similar dupes to these. I’ve tried them on and those are 10x more comfortable and have the same aesthetic that the Chloé Woody’s bring to the table). 

Thank you for reading my review on the Chloé Woody Mules. If you have any additional questions about the Woody Mules please drop a comment below or hop over to my Instagram page! I check my Instagram multiple times a day and its where you’ll get the quickest reply. 

If you’re not following my social pages please do! 

Below I will link the Chloé Woody Mules that are in stock PLUS some similar options if you’re on the market for this style of shoe - but more practical pricing and comfort is on your radar.
* The links are affiliate links - when clicking an affiliate link and making a purchase I’ll make a small commission at NO additional charge to you. This is how I upkeep my blog financially. 





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What I Truly Bought From The Nordstrom Sale

The Nordstrom Sale is about to open to the public which is when everything will start selling out - luckily, this year the Sale has constantly had a steady amount of restocks and not a lot of sell outs - there’s still Barefoot Dreams in stock, Spanx Leggings, and the trendy Knee High Boots are still in stock in lots of sizes + colors!

 I was of course able to shop the sale early via online (the nearest Nordstrom is 5 hours away) - I was able to purchase 95% of the items I wanted (3 items sold out before I was able - Fendi Sunglasses, Free People Sweater in size XS, and Treasure & Bond $25 hat). 

Below is my round up of what I truly purchased from the Anniversary Sale - I’ll also indicate if I kept the item or had to return it (I did sub sizes in a few items I wasn’t sure of).

Also the Shopping Widget houses each exact item - clicking that item and shopping through that affiliate link I’ll make a small commission at NO additional cost to you! It’s how I fund my blogging. 

Shop The Post:

A few of these items are actually gifts - the Barefoot Dreams cardigan is for my mom this Christmas along with the perfume that’s in the Donna Karen Deodorant set. All the fashion pieces I’m trying out and not sure how they’ll fit - except the PJ (I’ve owned these pj’s before and highly recommend them).
Currently: Returning the Free People sweater (too big DEFINITELY size down), keeping the Pj’s, keeping the cardigan (tts), floral dress I'm debating on (fits TTS but is a bit long on me - would require heels), and the rest of the fashion pieces haven’t arrived yet. 

For accessories most are items I 100% plan to keep. The only items I’m not sure on is the sunglasses; in a previous Nsale I ordered some Quay Sunglasses and they were WAY too big for my head - UPDATE: these arrived 5 minutes before my post launched and sadly I’m returning them (Bryce said they’re way too large and look like cartoon glasses!). I’m also returning the Kendra Scott Earrings, they felt so so SO cheaply made and they made a strange rattle sound every time I would turn my head. 

When it comes to the beauty items I’m keeping everything - these are items I’ve had on my shopping list to purchase anyways. 

I also ordered 2 of the ankle boots and the mules I only ordered in 1 size UPDATE: Mules fit TTS and I’m keeping! The Marc Fisher boots in the cream white color fits TTS and I’m waiting on the Vince Camuto boots to arrive for comparison. The adidas Luxe sneakers fit TTS but if you go up a half size they’ll most likely still fit; I ordered both 7.5 and 8 - both sizes fit perfectly. 


The benefit of Nordstrom is its always Free shipping and Free returns. That’s typically why I order multiple sizes and items I’m unsure of - I order anyways because there’s that comfort of their incredible return policy. 

I hope this blog post helps you decide what to purchase from the Nordstrom Sale and give you some ideas of what to shop for. If you’re not following my social media pages please do! I plan the second half of this year to get back into doing giveaways and being more active on all my social handles.

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My Picks in the Nordstrom Sale 2021


Hello Darlings! 

It's that time of year when everyone is preparing to shop for the best Autumn/Winter deals at a fraction of the price - The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. My previous blog post talks all about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, when to shop, and what to expect from my Blog, page, Instagram and more. If you haven’t checked that post out hop over there - I even have a FAQ section!

Todays post is something a few people on my Instagram poll said they’d like to see - My Top Picks in the Nordstrom Sale. Below you’ll see My Anniversary Sale Picks in different categories. Also don’t forget to follow along on the Instagram + Liketoknowit page to see restock alerts, more detailed posts on categories, and more! I have LOTS of surprises in this sale and I’m excited to show you all!

** Clicking the product links below will redirect you to the exact Nordstrom Sale product. When you shop the product link I’ll make a small commission at NO additional cost to you! This is like the commission a sales associate would make in any of the retailers you shop at. Shopping via the affiliate links is how I can grow my blog and create my dream career. If you have any questions on how the links work and how to shop them please DM me over on my Instagram or Facebook page! 

Fashion Picks: The first must have is beautiful Autumn floral dresses like this one. It will style perfectly with some of my other Nsale picks too! Also cozy sweaters like this wool + cashmere one from Ridley is great paired with leggings. I’m also a large fan of Free People in the Nordstrom Sale because these tops are flattering for all body types and style well Top Style 1 and Top Style 2. My ‘every year’ fashion purchase is ALWAYS this Nordstrom Brand Moonlight Short Set - there’s lots of color options and different styles from shorts to pants sets. Coats is a huge win in the sale and this plaid coat and this belted trench style coat are both great for a preppy and dark academia style. Lastly, if you can grab a pair of Spanx Faux Leather Leggings in the Nsale its always priced great and styles perfectly all Autumn Winter. 

Fitness Picks: This year I wanted to showcase my Fitness picks. IVL Collective fitness is new to the Nordy Sale and this sports bra is under $45 and matching foil leggings is definitely going to sell out. There’s also affordable pieces like this under $15 sports bra and Free People Bike Shorts which comes in lots of color options! Zella Socks is always great to stock up on. I also saw this fitness kit (option 1 and option 2) which is great to give as a holiday gift and a must for any at home gym. You can never go wrong with some of the cozy sweatshirts to wear on cool morning runs (this cozy essentials sweatshirt also comes in other colors!). And the yoga mat is in my favorite pattern with more colors to pick from. 

Shoes always sell out so so quickly but last year A LOT of shoes came back in stock. These all come in lots of color options and many of these I have in last years style (1, 4, 5, 7 - I have these from last year and all fit TTS). The best part about Nordstrom is Free returns - even online! 

My accessories picks are BIG this year. There’s so many great options and luckily many of the styles are similar to last years styles - so if you missed out in 2020, you have a second chance to get those items! I have purchased item #6 in last years sale and it hasn’t faded or tarnished any, definitely a great holiday gift to grab up for a loved one. And item #10 I prefer the high key mini size (there’s 2 lens sizes in the sale this year!).

Baby Picks are always fun to do. I’ll also post over on my LiketoKnowit page boy and girl fashions and baby fashions + outfit ideas from the entire kids clothing sale (so hop over to my LTK page!).
Baby Picks: 1. dark green 1. light green2. boy coat2. girl coat 3. 4. 5. girl walking sneaker 5. boy walking sneaker6. succulent blanket6. geometric pattern blanket

Beauty in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is always a great time to grab up early holiday gifts. Many of these are in custom gift sets that are already deeply discounted or in jumbo sizes that are cheaper than the regular size bottles! All the picks in Beauty I already own and use. I highly recommend all these items and will show these items over on my Instagram Stories during the sale in (it’ll be saved in the Nordstrom Highlight over on my IG Feed). 

The Home Sale is an area many grab up gadgets to elevate and update their home. Also the cult classic Barefoot Dreams blankets which always sell out super fast. This year Dyson vacuum set is new to the sale and will be a smashing hit at its deeply discounted price. Also loving these indoor garden kits where you can grow herbs in your kitchen for a ‘outdoors - in’ type of feel (plus a great activity for the kids!). 
Home Picks: 5.6. (leopard print)6. (plain color)7.

As you can see from this screenshot on my computer - I have LOTS more Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks, Finds, Steals + Deals to show. I plan to show all of these (there’s pages upon pages) over on my LTK page and IG! If you’re not following along please click the links to both pages and give me a follow. If you need help with sizing please DM too. 
My ultimate goal is to make shopping the sale easy. There’s literally THOUSANDS of items and I wanted to do the hard work for you all. Thanks again for viewing the blog post and for anyone who shops my links, thank you for supporting my blog and helping me gain a spot online to make this fun dream a career. 

Lots of Love,

The 411 on Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is THE biggest sale of the year and it’s quickly approaching! First off, lets get those important dates:

- I need to quickly touch base that Early Access Dates July 12th -27th to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is for Nordstrom Debit/Credit Card members ONLY. This gives Card Members the opportunity to shop the sale before the General Public. Opening a card isn't hard. You can do it online, over the phone or in-store. There's also other amazing perks with a Nordstrom Card. If you're considering a new card I highly recommend - its the ONLY Credit Card I use.

So here’s the 411, Previous Nordstrom Anniversary Sales have been a jaw dropper. From Tory Burch tote bags, T3 Micro blow dryers, Vince Camuto knee high leather boots, BeautyBio GloPro kits and many Elite High-End brands (Burberry, Chloe, Michele Watches, and more). Then of course many well known + the in-house Nordstrom brands like BP., Leith, Moonlight, TopShop, Madewell, Barefoot Dreams, etc.

The sale is popular for featuring all the new Autumn/Winter merchandise at amazing discounted prices for a short period of time. AKA: you'll get to purchase the new trends before it hits the shelves.

Visit the website to get the full calendar, sneak peek on what to expect on the racks, and special “Virtual & In-Store Event" dates that the stores are hosting during this amazing sale!


New and exciting Anniversary perks for 2021!

~ This year the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will have over 100+ new brands joining! IVL Collective, BDG Urban Outfitters, Dyson, Club Monaco, and more!

~ For 2021 there will be Virtual Events along with In-store Events.

~ More ways to shop: Shop Online, In-store, Nordstrom App, Order via the APP or Online for FREE curbside pickup!

~ Nordstrom Sale in Canada.

~ During 2020 Nordstrom had special Daily Deals - Most likely for 2021 Daily Doorbuster Deals will be a major hit again!


FAQ: If you're not a card member but visit the store, find something you love, will they hold the item till Public Access?

NO. The items are first come. If you see something that's at an amazing price the sales associate will mention you can open a Nordstrom Card and if accepted on the spot (and its the tier status for you to shop) - you'll be able to purchase.  

FAQ: Do they do restock?

No one is for sure. Last year as items were being returned, they were quickly restocked. The sizes in items they predict will be popular typically have larger quantities available and some items it will be a very limited size run. 

FAQ: Am I able to return these items to store?

Yes, In store purchases can be returned In-Store or at an NordstromRack. 

Online purchases & App purchases can be returned for FREE online OR In-store at a Nordstrom or NordstromRack location. 

Keep the receipt so you can get a full refund.

FAQ: I have a card, can I redeem my Nordstrom Notes towards the purchase I make?

YES! This is one of the best parts about the sale! You can use your Nordstrom Notes toward your purchases. You can also use your Double Points Day when purchasing during the sale (so collect extra points for faster Notes!) I'm a few points away from another Nordstrom Note and Level upgrade so I'm definitely taking part in this opportunity too.

FAQ: Will you be attending any of the Special CardMember Events in store?

At the moment, no. The part of Florida I live at theres no local Nordstrom location; I can only purchase online. The nearest store for me is 6 hours away. I will be shopping Influencer Early Access and I will have my 'top picks' post asap! For 2021 theyll be hosting some Virtual Events which I hope to sign up for and participate in. 

I WILL be visiting The Streets at Southpoint Nordstrom on July 6 to see if theres any in-store previews. 

FAQ: What type of Sales Coverage will you be doing during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Since I’ll be unable to attend and shop via In-Store I’ll be creating content like this pictured below for the Anniversary Sale. I’ll also link the items to my LTK page. From time to time - I’ll repost the content to my social media platforms (IG, LTK, Facebook, Twitter, and here on my Blog) with affiliate links you can click and directly shop the entire Nordstrom website! 

Of course with LTK I’ll make a small commission at NO additional cost to you - this will be my way of scouting out the most trending and popular Autumn/Winter fashions the Anniversary Sale has to offer and I’ll do this for Restocks, My Picks, Daily Deals and more! 

* Shopping the Nordstrom App will NOT work with my LTK links. I’ll only make commission on my affiliate links via shopping the LTK app, or through desktop via the linktree located in my IG Bio OR on my Blog!*

FAQ: Where's the catalog to view some of the items?

Here. You can see some of the brands and trends. But remember the catalog is just a sample! 

FAQ: Where can I apply for the credit/debit card?

Here. You can apply here and be approved on the spot!

FAQ: How often will you be checking the Nordstrom Sale? And how is the best way to have up-to-date information on the sale?

If you would like the quickest up to date information on the sale PLEASE follow me on my Instagram page and my LTK page! I’ll be updating my Instagram Stories often on any restocks, new content available on my LTK page, and any tips and tricks! Click here for a direct link to my Instagram. 

Also another great way to have the quickest access to Nordstrom Anniversary Sale restocks is to have the LTK app on your phone and following my LTK page! Click here for a direct link to my LTK page! (LTK is a free app that’s like a shapable Pinterest board! You can always shop desktop too - just click this link to get my LTK page on desktop!)

Below is examples from LAST YEAR of what I’ll publish during the Anniversary Sale here on my Blog, LTK, and IG page. Of course, you can shop via the links on my LTK page and affiliate links I’ll provide here on my Blog too during the Anniversary sale! 

More Tips:

1. Create a Wish List. I normally create mine in the Notes section of my phone and laptop so when I’m looking at the Nordstrom Sale Preview I can highlight what brands and items I like. This also helps me budget for the event. Below is an example of what my Wish List is for this year. 

Wish List:

- Jewelry (statement earrings or Necklace).

- Lucky Brand shoes (My Lucky Brand boots are my most favorite).

- Autumn Floral Dresses.

- High Waisted Pants (Leith or Madewell).

- Longchamp or Tory Burch handbag.

- Beauty brands: Charlotte Tilbury, Mario Badescu, BeautyBio, La Mer, Paula’s Choice, and St Tropez.

- Hair styling Blow Dryer.

- Home decor (new bedding, unique kitchen gadgets).

2. Scope out the Nordstrom store and see what sizing you are in the brands. I typically try on a few brands in pants, dresses, workout gear and the shoes (Vince Camuto, Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, Adidas, Nike, and Tory Burch). I jot all the sizes down in my phone or notebook so I’ll know what to grab up when shopping the event! I personally feel Nordstroms sizing chart is spot on but I have experienced some shoes in different brands fit bigger or smaller. Also, I'm NO WHERE near a Nordstrom store. I do all my purchases online so typically, I'm shopping brands I'm accustomed to. 

3. Don’t forget to set up and stick to a budget on how much you wish to spend. The biggest takeaway is this is just “stuff” and no one should be maxing out credit cards for trendy fashion pieces. I simply cover the Anniversary sale because I love amazing deals, beautiful fashion, and I simply enjoy doing what I do. 

4. Many take this opportunity to stock up on Holiday gifts. It’s such a perfect time to grab up gifts if you’re already shopping for the holiday or have a budget in mind on gifting. For me, I always grab up extra beauty items and simple stocking stuffer type items to stock pile for last minute gifts. 

My question to everyone: Are you shopping the sale? Anything in particular you hope to find? How many boxes do you plan to hide from your husband?

Chloé Woody Sandals Review

Hello Darlings, today is a fun fashion review. Early Spring of this year, I decided to invest in the super popular Chloé Woody Mules in shad...